Friday, 9 September 2016

Lift-Out Cupcake Box

Still channelling cupcakes here! :) Another packaging lightbulb idea today - looks like an ordinary petal-close box. But hey - what's this? Not all the flaps are attached to the box base. Lift the two opposite free flaps to raise the cupcake out of the box. Tah dah.
Look above - the box has a liner with flaps attached.
Here's your freebie cupcake box:


Lift-Out Cupcake Box

1 Print box templates on 160 gsm photocopier card.

2 Score the fold lines; cut out.

3 Stick the flap liners onto the flip side of the top flaps. Match the colours. Glue stick is fine.

4 Assemble the box base, gluing adjacent flaps (or use d/s tape).

5 Lower the box liner into the box at right angles to the flaps on the box itself.

6 Pierce a hole in a corner and tie the gift tag on to the box with craft thread.

7 Petal-close lid: to close the box fold down the flaps consecutively, tucking under as needed. The left side on each flap goes underneath - flower corner on top. 

So there you go.That's a wrap. Happy cupcakes to you!