Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Pillow Box Basket

Here's a puffy pillow basket that plumps up when you need it and folds flat when you don't - handy! Plus - you get storage in the individual pillow pockets as well as the central basket opening.

Here are your free design files:

 Pillow Box Basket

1 Print out the pattern template four times onto A4 160gsm photocopier card.

2 Score the fold lines. Take extra care on the curved pocket top. Use a fine-point embossing tool or a spent fine-point pen.

3 Cut the pieces out. If cutting out by hand, be sure to snip the pink line at box base.

4 Crease all the fold lines.

5 Pierce or punch a hole on each pocket front and the curved pocket back marquise. You can glue reinforcements behind the holes.

6 Glue the brad mats back to back. Attach a brad mat onto each pocket front and each pocket back marquise. Tie a piece of craft thread onto the marquise brad. 

7 Pierce or punch a hole in each pocket front top corner. Thread a piece of craft thread through the hole, knotting it behind. 

8 Assemble four individual pockets. The base of the box remains free on each piece. The flap at the base of the front is glued onto the pocket back. The flap at the side of the front is glued onto the pocket side.   

8 Glue the square bases one by one, so there are pockets at 12-, 3-, 6-, and 9- o'clock. 

9 Glue the square base onto the outside basket base.

10 To assemble basket, puff up each side, close the top flap. Tie adjacent sides together in a bow.

This basket makes a fun sewing accessory. It's a pretty way to gift buttons, beads, and reels of sewing cotton.