Sunday, 16 October 2016

String Craft, by Lucy Hopping. Review.

String Craft

Create 35 fantastic projects by winding, looping and stitching with string

By Lucy Hopping

Cico Books 2016

Paperback, £12.99

ISBN 978-1-782-49-361-7

Star rating: *****

Wow! I just received a fab review copy – and I am fast-tracking my blogpost so I can share it with you. Author Lucy Hopping (she designs for the craft industry) has successfully updated string craft in a fun and inventive manner. (Think retro “cosmic” peg board creations of the 70s in shades of brown -  not.) String craft is an umbrella craft that encompasses intricate spirella designs, paper embroidery, wrapped and wound items, among other techniques. The author designs macramé  and crochet projects, so string is definitely her thing. Here, in the book, are 35 string things to make – many involving paper as templates or base layers. The revival of string art “ties in” with the mandala trend – so good timing for this title.

The book is divided into three sections, Display and Decorate, Accessories and Jewelry, and Artful Gifts. The string Dreamcatcher features a very clever use of negative space. The Air Plant Terrariums are ingenious pegboard displays. The Neon Necklace features glue-stiffened spirella shapes that would work equally well for a mobile or as individual tree ornaments. 

Projects involving paper include the circles Necklace (wrapped notched discs of cardstock), the lovely stitched Notebook (cover pic) – updated sewing card concept; Yarn-covered Letters (yarn-wrapped version of the ginormous typography trend), Embroidered Vintage PostCards (surreal string art embroidery superimposed), and the wrapped glitter Garland (wrapped and layered flower-like card shapes). There are also print-and-stitch greetings cards and stitched gift boxes, and some simple but effective gift tags with trendy facetted jewel motifs.

There are illustrated step-by-steps throughout. Templates are provided back-of-book – many do require enlargement.

So, congrats to author Lucy Hopping for her fresh take on a retro craft - string theory!

Note:  I was supplied with a review copy of this book.