Sunday, 18 December 2016

Puffy Pouch Grab Bag Wraps

These small containers come in very handy this time of year. They are ideal for very small gifts, treats - or grab bag surprises. They have cool juggling ball-type construction - fascinating to make up. This design has an opening - so you don't have to tear them open.

Here are your free treat bags:
Making up notes: I use double-sided tape for these. You can glue the reinforcements on to either side of the pouch - your choice whether you want them to be a design feature. Insert the ribbon ties (16cm/6in of narrow ribbon for each) through the holes with a tapestry needle before assembling the pouch. When assembling the pouch, take it slow and easy - and do not crease the sides.First, fold the bottom flap up. Apply tape. Fold the base, then fold the other short bottom edge on to the base. Next, carefully join the long centre seam. Fill with contents and tie the pouch shut.

You can, of course, enlarge these on a photocopier for bigger gifts.

Enjoy these containers-with-a-built-in-twist!