Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Thanks a Bunch Novelty Card

I'm guessing that you are in need of thank you cards. Tired of same-y stuff? Here's a fun interactive thank you. It's a flowers-in-a-vase thaumatrope mounted on a presentation card. 

Perhaps you played with thaumatropes when you were a child. They are novelties from the golden age of papercrafts - Victorian times. A different part of the pic appears on opposite sides of disc. When the disc is twirled, your eyes combine the pic to make a whole image. (A bird in a cage is a popular thaumatrope pic.)

Here is your free novelty thank you card:


Thanks a Bunch Card

Assembling the thaumatrope is counterintuitive. Yes, you stick the discs together back-to-back, aligning the holes... but the vase on the flip side belongs at the top - upside-down (bunch of flowers directly underneath on the other side - whodathunk?). Now tie a loop of baker's twine (30cm/12in) on to each side of the disc.

Insert the thaumatrope under the tabs on the card front for presentation. I like to wrap the twine around the disc to make things more compact.

Enjoy having a twirl... and Happy New Year!