Monday, 16 January 2017

Fold & Cut, new papercutting title by Naomi Shiek

48 Super-Symmetrical Templates to Cut or Trace
By Naomi Shiek
Search Press 2017
Paperback, £12.99
ISBN 9 781 782 21518

This isn’t quite a book review, more a “heads up, here’s a lovely new papercraft title”. You see, I am not quite an impartial reviewer – I had the privilege to contribute, in a small way, to the making of this book. The author, Naomi Shiek (pronounced chic – and her designs most certainly are), lives abroad – so, being a locally-sourced papercrafter,  I was called upon to be the “hobby hands” for the how-to photography. Fun assignment.

Now, more about the book. This is a papercutting book with a unique concept – all the designs are symmetrical, so the paper is folded and the cutting time is reduced dramatically – halved, or even quartered. Lightbulb idea! You have the option of cutting the templates out directly from the book, or you can download the templates from the provided link and print them out yourself on to the paper of your choice. This enables you to produce projects in quantity for parties or special occasions.

The book includes 24 projects and additional templates, often offering alternative versions of a design – example – the filigree papercraft scissors come in two styles. The designs are exquisite and imaginative, with an emphasis on woodland flora and fauna (the author's speciality) – Naomi Shiek has a fluid style. There is plenty of variety in end-purpose – not just cards, cards, cards. My favourite is the Leafy Gift Tag, with three layered leaves in graduated sizes. Other projects include a tea light Lantern, Feather Cupcake Toppers, Leafy Giftwrap, Leafy Ribbon (papercuts in a repeating design), a Fox Mask, and an Enchanted Castle Card, and a butterfly Mobile. The lush, folded Wedding Invitation is given in three different designs.

The projects cater to varying levels of papercutting experience – something for everyone, newbie to advanced.

The project shots are gorgeous, the step-by-steps detailed, and the designs are all provided full-size. The basic how-to section upfront will get you up-to-speed. 

This concludes my “non-review” of a noteworthy new papercutting book.