Friday, 27 January 2017

Victorian-style Valentine

Back in Victorian times, when paper - and printing - first became inexpensive for the mass market (and there was also the introduction of the penny post...) - lots of ingenuity was expended in coming up with wow-factor interactive cards. Today's project is a cage card Valentine, popular way back when. Pull the cord - tah dah - top layer telescopes and the secret message underneath is revealed. Fun.

Here's your free Cage Card Valentine:

Valentine Cage Card

1 Print out the top layer on to 160 gsm photocopier card.

2 Flip the printed top layer to the back and turn it upside down. Put it back into the printer and print out the lattice. Alternatively, you can print the lattice on to copier paper, cut out the central rectangle and glue it on to the flip side of the card front with glue stick.

4 Cut out the lattice, carefully using a craft knife on a cutting mat. Pierce a hole in the centre.

5 Thread a piece of craft thread through the hole; knot it on the underside.

6 Print out the base layer (the secret message) on to photocopier card.
Attach front to base with edges aligned. Use double-sided tape. Place
tape strips around the central message rectangle and also around the outer edges of the bottom layer. You're done!

This card is big fun to make. Enjoy!