Thursday, 2 February 2017

Soutache-inspired Gift Bag

I've been admiring a lot of soutache jewellery lately - flat braid, rolled like quilling and interspersed with beads. A form of passementerie. Love the scrolls, swirls, and squiggles.(Not that I'd actually wear it - but it looks great fun to make :) ) Like this:
(I have not read the above book,Elegant Soutache but I have been clocking it on Amazon - looks tasty, does it not?)

Back to today's project - a souctache-inspired gift bag, suitable for packaging Valentine's treasures. (Note inspired by - lots of swirls and arabesques - and beadlike circles.)

Here is your free gift bag:

There are two print-outs because you have to join two pieces to make
a big enough gift bag. Either use glue or double-sided tape to join the seams. The notches are there to indicate scoring lines. For best results, score the patten templates before cutting them out. Make sure you score around the side triangles. You must also cut a slit in the box base, a small rectangular hole in box side (this takes the closure tab, and you must cut around the semi-circular closure tab (in hot pink on the top flap) with a craft knife.

I make the bag out of 160gsm printer card - but you could also use plain copier paper.

The box design is sort of a milk carton cousin - an easy-close variation.
Quick to make, fun to give. Enjoy.