Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Free Springtime Pillow Box

Gingham and rickrack - they just say Springtime - fresh and cheery. Here's a peek-a-book pillow box, suitable for gifting small goodies in. A gift tag, too.

Here's your free papercraft printable:

The template is for the smaller size box. For the larger size, enlarge by 20%. 

To make:
1 Score the folds with a fine-point embossing tool. Pay special attention to the curves. Butt against a small metal ruler for the straight folds.

2 Crease the folds.

3 Cut a piece of clear cellophane using the cutting guide. Place double-sided tape all around the window aperture on the wrong side of the box. Apply the cellophane.

5 Join the long edge.

6 Pop up one side of the box and seal it. Insert contents. Seal remaining side.

7 Add optional gift tag if desired. (You will have to pierce or punch a hole in the uppermost marquise shape through which to pass the tag string.)

Enjoy your Spring Gingham.

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