Thursday, 22 June 2017

Pillow Box Beach Tote

Here's a cheery seasonal project. The mini-tote makes an ideal bon voyage gift when filled with a small treat. The construction is one-piece, and there's a bit of fun raffia-lacing to do.

Here's your free design file:

Use an embossing tool to mark the cut-out pattern piece. Score around the boat-shaped base piece. Also score the tote side turn-backs. Crease the scored lines, paying special attention to the banana-shaped base.

Cut a piece of raffia bout 50cm (20in) long. It is scrunched up (raffia is like that!). Open out the raffia and cut it in half lengthwise. Thread one half into a tapestry needle. Knot the end. Draw it through the hole on the top left (knot on underside). Wrap the raffia around and under each spoke, pulling taut as you go. When you get to the end of the row, run the raffia under the side, then continue on the bottom row of spokes in the opposite direction. Knot the end of the raffia on the underside. 

Apply 3mm(1/8in) double-sided tape to the basket sides. Carefully join front to back, matching edges. Tie a raffia bow at top, using a piece of leftover raffia from the other half of the cutting.

Happy summer. :)