Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Summer Party Bunting

This sweet summer bunting is inspired by broderie anglaise (eyelet lace) - clock the cut-outs and centre motif. It is double-sided, so is can be strung across the patio or room for best effect. Each flag is folded in half and slots together. The pennants would look great with ribbon streamer spacers in between.

I have given you two versions - a digi-cut version and a hand-cut PDF.

Here's your free summer bunting:
For the PDF version, print out the template, cut out the banner (just the outline - no fiddly fine cuts - the design is printed) and the discs, carefully cut the arc-shaped slots with a craft knife.Glue the discs inside the banner. Slot to assemble.

For the digi-versions, the discs motifs belong inside. If you want the front of the banner to be blue, print a blue page first, then print the banner design on the flip side.

Hope you have a delightful summer party! :)