Friday, 2 February 2018

Fold 'n' Twist Valentine

This interactive Valentine is like a TARDIS - bigger on the inside! Pull the tabs to reveal the inner message. This project is my interpretation of an idea I saw in a book by Trish Witkowski (Paper Folding Templates, Apple Press 2012). 

Here's your free Valentine:

A nice feature of the card is how the edges of the heart project beyond the centre square - make sure you cut these carefully. The folds around the centre square are all mountain folds.

The secret of success is careful folding. I use a fine-point embossing tool to score the folds, then use a bone folder to set the crease. 

It's a fun moment when the card unfurls to reveal the TLC message.

Happy Valentine's Day! (Groundhog's Day today - but must plan ahead.) :D

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