Monday, 7 May 2012

Petal Pockets

Pretty petal pockets: Moroccan purse makeover.
Following on from my previous post, Paper Moroccan Purses (7 May 2012), here's a simple spin on the design that changes its look entirely. The 4-sided purse pattern has been slightly tweaked - a curved top edge has been added. To create the petal effect, assemble the purse in the usual way, then crease back the upper right curve in each quadrant. So easy! A gold marker outline has been added for definition - add this on the wrong side of the paper, before assembling the pocket.

These pockets are dainty and feminine - so make them up in pretty double-sided papers. Each pocket opens and closes in exactly the same way as an ordinary 4-sided Moroccan purse pocket (untwist/twist).

Here's the pattern:
The diagonal line across the top curved edge is the petal fold.

For an alternative - flatter - look, these pockets look fine without the folded petals. 

Stuff I used: Craftwork Cards papers, Pilot Gold Marker.