Friday, 11 May 2012

Wish Pockets

Pretty party favours: enclose a wish in the swirly paper pocket.
I still haven't gotten those lovely Moroccan purses out of my system (two previous blog posts - Petal Pockets and Paper Moroccan Purses, both on May 7, 2012). I really wanted to give you the designs for the curved style petal pockets with 5, 6, and 8 sides. So here they are. You can use them as party favours, card focals, or memory pockets. Handy for tooth fairy surprises. It's nice to put a wish inside, or charms, or small sweets. 

6-sided pockets, flower centres and no-frills.

6-sided pockets, open and shut.

You can make the pockets up with the flower centres - or, for the no-frills version, just don't turn back the diagonal corner fold. You will still get a lovely centre swirl - but it will be simpler. If you do go for the flower centre, make sure you fold the diagonal corner before you swirl the pocket shut. If you choose to make the no-frills version, it is nice to accent the edges with a gold felt tip. (You can add the gold outlines after the pocket is folded if you slip a piece of folded scrap paper under the edge you are colouring.)

I've supplied you with pattern for the larger size (most pockets are about 8cm/3in across) - but you can enlarge or reduce the patterns on a photocopier as desired (as for the dinky pockets in the top photo). If making the flower centre style, choose double-sided paper for best effect. Don't choose bulky papers. Origami paper is an excellent choice, since folding is required.

No-frills: 5 sides and 8 sides.
Here are the patterns:

6-sided curved top Moroccan purse.

There you have it. A panoply of paper pockets. Now all you have to do is chose sides - 4, 5, 6, or 8 - which do you appreciate? (4-sided pockets in previous posts.)

Stuff I used: Craftwork Cards papers, Pilot Super Color Gold Marker.