Thursday, 17 May 2012

Swivel Tags

Pull the cord to reveal a message!
These cute mini-tags are based upon swivel-mechanism pocket magnifying glasses - you know - think retro - they often have "genuine leatherette" covers.
Currently, computer memory sticks often have an attached protective case that works this way. These tags are perfect for when you want to give a gift with a personal inscription that you don't want to broadcast to the whole world. They also make good dinky cards - everybody loves the surprise factor. 

Of course, you can enlarge the tag design to make a bigger novelty card.

Mix and match the tags and covers.

 Here's the template for the tags. There are four different tag designs, three different covers, and a selection of brad mats. Combine them as you wish.
The tags are simple to make. Fold the cover in half - make a soft fold. Thread a mini brad through a brad mat. Sandwich the tag in between the folded cover.
Pass the brad through the hole and spread the brad wings. For the cord pull,
use a tapestry needle to thread a loop through the tag hole, pass the thread ends through the look to make a half-hitch knot. Thread beads on each cord end. Knot below each bead.

I've outlined the covers and cover messages with Tim Holtz Distress Markers (any excuse to use them!). The cord is craft thread. Holes have been punched with a 1/6" circle hand punch.
Paper: London Market by Pink Paislee.