Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bead Boxes

Bead trays... and bead pods!
Tool box-style bead tray... and bead bags.

First style of bead tray and a simple style of box.
Open-top bead compartments for work-in-progress!

I'm on a papercrafted craft storage binge. It makes so much sense! Today's project is for beading enthusiasts. I've given two styles of trug-style bead trays, and a choice of four different compartments.
The open boxes are for when you're crafting, the bead pods and flap boxes can be used for craft-time or storage, and the bead bags (with cello windows) are for storage. All are fun and easy to make.

Here's how to fold the swirly "bead pods":
Pinch the corners, then fold flaps consecutively.
 The construction is very straightforward. Score the folds with an embossing tool held against a metal ruler. Fix the tabs with double-sided tape or tacky glue. Cut the window in the bead bag with a craft knife. The window is cut from a cello craft bag.

Here are the pattern templates:

Apart from the window bags, you can't see the contents - so you can either colour-code the bags or label them. 

Of course, these make great gifts for crafty friends. And, if you big up the trays and bags just a little, they'd make lovely packaging for sweets.

Stuff I used: American Crafts Cardstock (fantastic to fold and glue!), Craftwork Cards papers (for the bead bags).