Saturday, 4 August 2012

Embellishment Caddies

Caddies front view. Bits and bobs for your current project.
Caddies - bird's-eye view. Choice of compartments!
These modular embellishment caddies are great fun to make - and useful, too. These compartmentalized mini-trays provide temporary storage for your craft project-in-progress bits and bobs. Nice to have
things organized and close at hand! That was my original intent - but I can see that they'd make lovely party favours filled with a selection of sweets - or delightful gifts for crafty friends. 

You start with a hexagonal base tray (on trend there!) - then pop in the handle and mini-box storage compartments. Now for the geek appeal: there's a choice of two styles - concentric trapezoids or "cheese wedge" triangles. The handle is fixed to the base, so you can carry the tray - but the individual compartments are not, so you can pop them out to empty the contents when your project's done.
Clock the washi tape feature!
Triangular wedge compartments (cheese wedges or orange segments?).
Here are your pattern templates:

Choose your cardstock carefully - you want it to fold smoothly and glue easily. Cut out the pieces in the correct quantities, then score the fold lines with an embossing stylus held against a metal ruler. Crease the folds and glue the tabs with tacky glue applied with a cocktail stick.

Here's a pic:

 And another:

 And a couple of tips:

After gluing down the turn-backs, 1) smooth them down into the corners with a cocktail stick. When the box is finished 2) pinch the corners for a nice crisp appearance.

Here's how to assemble the boxes:
Fix the handle to the base of the hexagonal box, with glue or double-sided tape. Then pop in the mini-boxes as shown. Accessorize with a band of washi tape and a bow.

Further thoughts: the handle can be used as a ribbon card.

Stuff I used: AC Cardstock Spring (American Crafts), We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape.

That's it. Have fun crafting: tray magnifique!