Monday, 18 March 2013

Contrast-Trimmed Baskets

Big basket is cut from 12 x 12" cardstock, smaller basket fits A4.
Free download today - quick-make Easter baskets. Corner bows make for pretty, fast construction. The contrast trim makes the design pop.

Here is your download:

Here's a mini-tutorial, to guide you through the project:
1) The basket body has been cut out, the folds lightly scored and folded. The contrast trim is glued onto the top turnings. Two handles in contrasting colours have been cut out and glued together with edges aligned. The handle has been shaped while the glue is wet. Use tacky glue. The flower is an optional decoration.
2) To insert handle, fold the handle base tab into thirds, pass it through the basket slot onto the outside of the basket. Open out the handle base tab and glue it down onto the outside of the basket. The turning will conceal the tabs. Repeat for other side of handle.
3) Join adjacent basket corners with bows. For each bow, you need 30cm (12in) of 1cm (3/8in)-wide ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the holes with a tapestry needle. Trim the excess ribbon at an angle.
Liner and basket. Plop the liner in the basket like so:
The liner sits freely inside the basket.

3) To complete the basket, pop the liner inside. It provides contrast backing for the cut-outs. If you wish, you can add a decorative flower cut-out to the flower handle as a finishing touch. Now all you need to do is fill the basket with shredded tissue - and some delicious chocolate eggs!

For a super-speedy version of the basket, eliminate the cut-outs. If you make the basket out of double-sided paper, you will still get the contrast-trim effect!

Materials: American Crafts Cardstock, Paperchase shredded tissue.

Big thanks to Leah, who took the pics despite her deadline!