Monday, 11 March 2013

Washi Bows

Washi tape bows... an ideal combination. They look great in mixed prints. Use them as embellishments for cards, scrapbooking or gifts. They make pretty hair ornmanets when attached to hair grips. 

These are the paper templates you need to make the bows:
Cut-around templates.
Print out the bows on photocopier cardstock and cut out the templates.(Remember the the file is for cutting out the bow templates not the bows themselves.)

Here are the files:
Washi Bows.pdf

The thing about washi tape, of course, is that it is adhesive. But to make bows, the adhesive property is only needed for the centre  bow wrap.(Can't wait until a bright spark craft manufacturer makes non-adhesive washi ribbon, as a companion product to washi tape!) So, in order to make the bows, I have stuck the tape onto a backing of wax paper. Wax paper is translucent and compatible with the waxy, translucent look of the washi tape. If you don't have wax paper, tracing paper will do. (Many of you already have wax paper on hand as a die-cutting aid. The That's Crafty online shop stocks wax paper, if you need a roll. Here: That's Crafty).

To make the bows: stick lengths of washi tape onto wax paper. Place the templates over the washi tape and fix in place with magic tape or cello tape. Cut out the washi tape bow shapes. Form the barbell shape into a loop, narrow bits centred. Secure the loop centre with a snippet of clear tape. Layer up all the bow elements and wrap the bow centre with a strip of adhesive washi tape. As you can see from the picture above, many bow looks are achievable using the templates provided. A narrow strip of wax-paper backed washi tape (cut freehand) makes a lovely accent when knotted around the bow centre. 

Why not make up a washi tape bow stash? The bows are handy to have on hand for dressing up cards and gifts. A gift of washi bows presented in a cello craft bag is attactive and is sure to be appreciated.