Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Flower Power Mini-Baskets

These baskets make sweet party favours!

Two styles for the basket base: sides flush, or cut-away (for a peek-a-boo effect).

I'm on a basket binge. I got the idea for these mini-baskets when I made my previous project. I thought it would be a fun idea to make mini-baskets sized for individual eggs.
(The one-to-a-basket big choc eggs pictured are Marks and Spencer's Easter Egg Hunt choc eggs). 

These mini-baskets are really fun to make - and speedy to do. Once again, it's a free download:.
Here is your file: 

To make the baskets, you simply cut out and fold the basket base, glue the handle onto the inside of the basket (tacky glue recommended), and drop the basket base into the flower ring. Glue the petal tabs onto the top of the flower ring. Tie on the leaf name tag.
You're done!

Pic above shows the flower ring (left), and the folded basket base with handle attached.
All you have to do is insert the basket base in the flower ring. The flower ring holds the basket side panels in place. Tah dah! 

Construction tip: use a print-out of the basket template as a folding guide. Put your pattern piece on top of the printed pattern and mark the fold lines with a stylus held against a metal ruler. Then crease the folds (use a bone folder).

I've made these as Easter baskets, but they would make pretty party favours for many occasions.