Friday, 3 May 2013

Kaleido-Quilling FlowersTutorial

Quilling paper spirals make the flowers pop!
Fiesta colours!
Choice of big spiral flowers or minis.
I call this papercraft "Kaleido-Quilling". It is, of course, a new take on spiral thread-winding. Simply by using 2mm-wide quilling strips (that's the skinny size) instead of thread, the craft takes on a lively and fun appearance. The colour story takes on a new importance.

I've supplied free downloads for you. There are two different sizes of flower: 16-petal or 12-petal. Boths are quick to craft. There's another file with the greeting card "extras" - the leaves, vase, and tags. Here are your files:

Digital cutters: these are print-and-cut files. I recommend using 160 gsm photocopier card for the flowers.

I have supplied .pdfs as well as cutting files because I always like to remember those of you who are not lucky enough to have a digital cutter (yet). But I have to say that cutting out the multi-petalled flowers would take some time. If cutting by hand, I recommend using a 1/8in circle punch at the base of the petals. 

Kaleido-Quilling How-Tos in a Nutshell:

Use 2mm-wide quilling strips.

Wrap the strip around the flower, advancing by the same number of petals each time you wrap. Go in a clockwise direction. Glue the beginning of the strip onto the flower back. 

If you run out of quilling strip, simply glue on a new piece onto the end of the old one. (Trim the working strip so the join is on the back of the flower.)

Tip: Make sure the quilling strip lies flat, not twisted. Take extra care at the "turns" at each petal base.

Successive rounds of quilled spirals are worked in exactly the same way. Choose a contrasting colour of quilling strip. The top layer must have fewer petals between wraps than the bottom layer. Example: 5-petal wrap, bottom layer. 2-petal wrap, top layer.

And here's your how-to tut:
1. Select the number of petals you wish to wrap and glue the quilling strip end onto the back of the flower. This is a 5-petal wrap.
2. This shows the end of the quilling strip glued onto the flower back. Use tacky glue applied with a cocktail stick.
3. Wrapping advanced by 5 petals. Round and round the quilling strip goes...

4. Wrapping progresses. The spiral pattern emerges!
5. Gluing a splice on the back of the flower. Cut angled ends for a streamlined splice.
6. The splice completed. Now resume wrapping from the front side, as usual.

7. Completed Kaleido-Flower. You know that wrapping is complete when there is "V-shape" at the base of each and every petal.
8. Back view of completed flower with quilling strip glued down.
9. You can opt for another layer in a contrasting colour. Make sure that the top layer "wrapping distance" is shorter than that for the bottom layer. Here: bottom layer is of 5-petal wraps. Top layer: 3-petal wraps.

10. Optional finishing touch: add dimension by scoring a centre fold on each petal.
11. Squeeze each petal to fold it. Also bend it upwards at the base.

It is pretty to use flat quilling paper for one layer and pearlescent quilling paper for the other.

All the Kaleido-Quilling flowers are worked the same way, no matter how many petals. 

Tip: you may want to tuck the very last wrap under previous layers for a neater finish. That makes the last wrap, on top, less obvious.

You can, of course, substitute baker's twine or craft thread for the quilling strips if you are a spirella traditionalist!

Make up the cards as you desire. I trimmed the backing paper with a
pinked edge to echo the triangle points of the quilled spirals and the zigzag decorations on the vase.

Stuff I used: 2mm-wide quilling strips from Past Times (on Amazon), patterned backing paper from Craft Creations, coloured cardstock from American Crafts.

Thanks, again, to patient Leah for taking the pics.

It is Mom's Day in America on May 12. This card would make a pretty greeting.