Saturday, 18 May 2013

"Hair Accessory" Paper Clips

These paper "paper clips" are inspired by hair accessories.
Holes are punched in the paper, and the clip fastens the layers together.
These are notecards. Here, the "clips" are decorative, not functional.
To fasten the notecard, stick on a Dodz above the paper strip. You'll be able to open and close the notecard without tearing it!
Smaller size of clips used to fasten paper "dogear-style".
More dogears!
To fasten the clip, you pass the strip through the holes in the decoration (and the paper).
Dogear fastening: punch holes as shown.
Dogear: the border is printed on the top right of the flip side of the paper.

The placement guide helps to position the holes.
Ribbon metrage gift presentation idea.
These pretty "paper paperclips" are inspired by hair accessories - the clasp-and-rod type used to fasten ponytails. To secure multiple sheets of paper, just punch holes in the paper placing them to correspond with the holes in the ornamental clasp. Weave the fastener stick under and up through all layers. Voilà! The paper is fastened.

Here are downloadable digi-cut files for the "Hairclips":

I've given you an.svg for the hairclips and the hole placement guide (size them as desired), and studio files for two sizes of hairclips plus the papers to go with them. The larger clips fit the shaped pages/notecards. The smaller clips fit the dogear pages.

To make the clips, use a substantial weight of paper - like American Crafts cardstock. The paper must be flexible so you can weave the fastener strip through the paper layers.

These paper paperclips can come in very handy. Run out of paperclips? Just digi-cut some. Don't you just love being a maker?!

Thanks to Leah for taking the pics.