Monday, 30 September 2013

Russian Doll Gift Bags

I just love Russian dolls - any excuse for a craft project. So here are some Russian doll-inspired mini gift bags'n'tags. Good size for treats and party favours. 

I call these "Babushka" gift bags because the fringed shawl is the star feature. Works a treat in mixed prints.

The pillow-box base bags are a cinch to make. Nevertheless, I've included a mini-tut.

There are two different bags styles, with the mixed prints reversed:
... and of course, once you have your downloads, you can play with the sizes to make a nested-shape-look grouping.

Here are your free downloads:

Now for the tut:
1. Use the leaf-shaped guide to inscribe the curved fold line at the base. Do this on both the back and the front of the bag.

2. Next, mark the centre fold. Use an embossing tool held against a metal straight-edge.
3. Mark the side flap next. Note how the bottom of the flap is cut away so that it clears the pillow base.
4. Apply D/S tape to the right side of the flap. Crease all the folds, including the base curves. Prep complete! Time to assemble the bag.
5. Fold the bag in half, tuck the flap under. Seal the join, making sure it is perfectly aligned.
6. Tuck the back pillow flap in. Next, apply a sticky dot to the underside of the front pillow flap.
7. Fold down the front pillow flap. It springs into place securely. Finally, tie on the gift tag. You can add a bow to the handle if you wish. Me, I'm going for "less is more."
You can make these up in quantity in a jiffy!