Saturday, 28 September 2013

Matchbox Gifties

I'm a big fan of matchboxes. They are fun to make - and give. And they make a nice "thinking of you" alternative to a greeting card. Who doesn't like little mini-surprises? So --- I've whipped up a batch of all-occasion matchboxes. You can either cut-out the lacy fanlight design or print it. Here - see the difference:
Digi-cut version, left. Printed matchbox, right.
For the cut-out version, you must back the cut-out with a rectangle of coloured paper. Easy.

Downloads here:

Helpful tips: for the .pdf drawer, remember to snip the tabs that secure the sides together.

I like to add brads as drawer pulls, but you may wish to leave them out - no frills.

The gifties can easily be made up in quantity as party favours.The tags and charms are optional.