Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Patchwork Star Gift Box

More slot-lid gift boxes - I'm on a binge. These are topped with a folded
patchwork star (which coordinates with the box print):
The folded star makes a pretty swirl top-knot. Looks a bit like notched ribbon. There's a tut to follow on how to fold the star. 

Here are your downloads:

The file download looks like this:

Here's the tut for the foldy-star:
1. Pic left shows the patchwork star pattern template cut out an folded.
The folds at the base of each arm are mountain folds (green arrow). The folds at the V-point of each arm are valley folds (red arrow). Pic right shows the completed patchwork star.
2. Fold the first arm to the centre.
3. Proceed in an anti-clockwise direction. Fold two: same as first. Make sure the bases of the V-notches meet in the centre.
4. When you get to the third arm, you have to swing it under and around. It's a perfect fit - it will catch in the centre.

5. Side four: last side. Swing it under and around, as for the previous step. Tah dah!:

Here's a pic of the flip side (left), and the right side (right) of the patchwork star:
A sticky dot fixes the star to the box top.

Of course, you can also use the foldy stars as embellishments on cards and/or scrapbook pages.

No how-tos for the box. Been there, done that!