Saturday, 31 August 2013

Flower-Top Gift Boxes

These petite gift boxes are topped with a pretty folded flower. The lid slots on and off. Make a bunch!

Here are your free downloads (there are two different prints for the boxes):

Your download looks like this:
Making the box is easy. Score the folds at the base and the side flaps.
Join the adjacent sides. Tie the gift tag on through one of the box slots. To put on the lid, slip the tabs into the slots one by one (ease the last tab in gently).

Here's how to make the folded flower:

1. Cut the flower out and score the folds. Fold mountain folds (green arrow) at the base of each arm and valley folds (red arrow) at the base of each small flower petal (the teardrop shape at the top of each arm).

 2. Fold the first arm inwards to the centre of the base pentagon.
3. Fold the second arm to the centre, matching the points at the base of each petal.
4. Third arm to the centre.
5. Fourth arm to the centre. Swing it around and over.
6. Fold the fifth petal inwards, swinging it over and around. Make sure all the petal points match in the centre. Fluff up the petals to make the flower really pop - it's 3-D, after all.
Flower back.
Flower front.

Stick the flower onto the lid with a sticky dot (Dodz by 3L).

You can, of course, use the flowers as embellishments on cards, scrapbook pages, and other gift wrap treatments.