Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Patchwork-Look Christmas Decorations

Each garland link looks like a patchwork wreath.
An easy-fold paper patchwork star.
Patchwork paper chain motif. 
More headstart holiday decs today. Easy-peasy free downloads with the cosy look of patchwork. There's a paper chain garland: each link looks like a patchwork wreath. And a pretty star flower in mixed prints to fold. Punch a hole, add a hanging loop: nearly instant dec. Or make up smaller stars as giftwrap and card embellishments.

The downloads look like this:

Here are your free downloads:

You can cut these out by hand easily.

Patchwork Garland
One link. Fold it in half.

This garland is a twist on a traditional chain link garland. Cut out as many links as you think you'll need.

Fold each link in half and pass it through the centre hole of the adjacent link. You'll have to scrunch the wreath a bit to fit it though - I like to roll it - you'll get the hang of it. If the link gets bent a little, just smooth it out. No worries - it's on the back! 

Make sure that adjacent links have different patterns. The red patchwork patterns and the bows differ from link to link. That's it!
You can tie a ribbon loop to each end for hanging.

Patchwork Flower Star Ornament
To make up the folded star, simply cut it out. Crease each arm at the base - this makes a centre pentagon. Fold down the arms one by one, going clockwise. Tuck the petals under the previous one as necessary. Fluff up the petals to make them really dimensional. You can punch a hole at the top and add a hanging loop if you wish.