Thursday, 8 August 2013

Shaker-style Gift Boxes

For summertime gifts.
... or a big headstart on Christmas crafting.
These Shaker-Style mini gift boxes are right any time of year. So, I've styled them two ways: all-occasion floral decoration or Christmassy/Wintertime. 

The boxes are quick and easy to make - there's a tutorial later on in this post.

Here are your free downloads:

For the flower baskets, I've just given you a .pdf. The shapes are easy enough to cut out by hand. Use a craft knife held against a ruler for the handles. Cut inside the outlines.

Of course, once you have downloaded the Shaker Box files, you can enlarge the pattern templates to make bigger boxes.

Shaker Box Mini-Tut:
1. Cut out the pattern pieces and score the folds. Use a fine embossing tool held against a metal straightedge. On the basket lid, score fold lines down the centre of the lid and across each tab. On the base, score across the base of all the tabs. On the side pieces, score the base of the tab. Remember to pierce the brad holes, if necessary.
2. Next, glue the side piece tabs onto either side of the base. The little tabs belong inside. Make sure that the decorated sides face outwards.

3. Thread a brad through the holes on the first side in the following order: both handles, right side of box, left side of box, lid tab, box base tab. On the inside of the box, spread open the brad wings, like so:
4. Next, repeat the operation for the remaining side. It is a little bit tricky getting inside the box to spread the wings on the second brad, but not in a ship-in-a-bottle league! You can (carefully) use scissor-tips to spread the brad wings if you need an assist reaching the brad inside the box interior. Here's a pic of the job, done:

Note: no need to glue the little tabs on the inside of the box. They are pretty secure as they are.

5. Separate the handles and spread them apart. Lastly, add craft thread ties to the holes on the lid and the base. Tie into bows.
These boxes make sweet party favours.