Friday, 2 August 2013

Ink Economy Printables! Envelopes & Cards

Envelope flip sides.
Co-ordinating card enclosures.
Kraft paper.
Printables are great - but they can be a drain on your ink cartridges. With that in mind, I've designed easy-on-the-ink printables. There's no background colour to print, so you rely on the colour of the paper you supply. Change the paper to vary the look. You can choose a tint of the outline print for a monochrome look, kraft paper for a rustic feel, or go for parchment for a more elegant appearance.

I'm still crafting mock Indian block prints. Boho. Vintage hippie. Whatever.

Free downloads for the printables here, choice of three co-ordinating designs:

Here's what the printable looks like:
I've given you .pdf files because the cutting is very easy. Here's a tip:
For professional-looking results, cut the card out with a craft knife held against a metal straight edge. Here's a time-saver: for the envelope, cut out the edges that don't show (like the long underlap edge) with scissors and the visible edges with the craft knife.

Score the folds with an embossing tool held against a metal ruler. Crease the folds. Lap the one long edge over the other, then turn up the base flap. Use tacky glue (thinly applied) or d/s tap. The brads are optional.

Happy printing!