Thursday, 15 August 2013

Snowflake Gift Boxes

More festive gift packaging to craft while the sun shines. Snowflake Gift Boxes today. These hexagonal mini-boxes have borrowed the cute factor from ice cream tubs. The pronged tops fit into the slots to give a strong seal. There are two sets of printables, so you can mix and match the tubs, seals, and tags to your heart's delight. Go wild.

These pics show you all the different designs (no two snowflake boxes are alike... well, almost):

Here are your free digi-downloads:

Of course, you can reduce or enlarge the boxes to suit the size of the contents.(The boxes shown here are shown same size, reduced by 20%, and bigged up by 20%.)

Making the boxes is pretty straightforward. Cut out the pieces. Score and fold the box base hexagon and side flaps. (I used an embossing tool held against a metal staightedge.) Make sure that any paper debris is cleared away from the box slots. Here's the important bit: gently bend the top of each side outwards, like so:
This step is very important because it provides the ease for the box lid prongs. Now all you have to do is glue adjacent sides. To seal the box, ease the prongs into the slots one by one. Take your time, especially around slots 3 and 4. You'll get the hang of it.

The tag is optional. Tie it on through one of the slots.

So much for Christmas in August. Time for an ice cream!