Sunday, 17 August 2014

Travel Origami - cute keepsakes to fold

Travel Origami: 24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes

By Cindy Ng

Tuttle Publishing

Paperback, £12.50 UK, $14.95 US

ISBN 978 4 8053 1206 3

Star rating: ****

I  just received a copy of this genius new origami book (UK pub date is 18 Aug) and I am fast-tracking my review in time for the August Bank Holiday. It could come in very handy on a family break - for an “Are we there yet?” moment or as a hotel-room boredom-chaser. Here's the Amazon link: Travel Origami (there's also a Kindle edition).

The author’s lightbulb idea is to transform travel-related paper stuff – brochures, picture postcards, sweet wrappers, maps, paper bags, bank notes, even drinking straws – into almost-instant origami mementoes. Tah dah – you are simultaneously recycling, occupying/entertaining the kids, and producing fun origami souvenirs. Magic!

The book is divided into four sections – Jewelry (it’s an American edition), Odds’n’Ends, Organizational Holders, and Home Decor Items. Fun outpaces the functionality of the items, but you’ve got a cute keepsake in all cases. 

The author, Cindy Ng, designs mini jewellery kits that are sold in museum shops worldwide – so the jewellery section comes up front in the book. Here you will find a candy wrapper necklace, a comic strip bracelet, and three different types of rings folded from bank notes.

My favourite projects from the book include the modular mini picture frame made from four stick-gum wrappers, and the paper bow made from two cleverly interlocking shapes. There’s also a rose made of two entwined flattened drinking straws – ideal for wow-ing co-diners when awaiting your order in a café. (There are so many lovely straws around these days, this party trick is a good one to know.) On the practical side, there's a travel card holder - protects the magnetic strip.

The author is not an origami purist – when required, paper can be cut and pieced together to produce the required foldable shape. This refreshing attitude multiplies the creative opportunities.

The “chat” accompanying each project is entertaining and enlightening. The author has a flair for writing. She shares her travel experiences and her creative expertise and enthusiasm. 

As you would expect, each project is accompanied by step-by-step (full-colour) folding diagrams. Inside the front and back covers, you will find a handy project gallery.

The projects are suitable for origami beginners. This title would make a fabulous bon voyage gift. Captivating keepsakes are just a few folds away. Guaranteed to bring a smile.

Note: I was provided with a review copy of this title.