Saturday 2 August 2014

Washi Beads & Gift Container

I'm still on my paper bead binge. Today's beads make use of washi tape - the papercrafter's favourite. All you have to do is cut out a paper bead strip from coloured paper and stick a piece of washi tape on the tip of the bead (the final 5cm/2in). Trim off the excess tape and get rolling. 

It's lovely how the colour of the bead strip shows through the translucent washi tape. And the subtly lustrous look of the matte sealer (Mod Podge Paper Matte) perfectly complements the translucency of the washi tape. Classy!

When the bead is rolled, gluing the washi tape is just a little bit tricky because the waxy finish of the tape resists gluing. To overcome this little glitch, I apply tacky PVA glue to the entire underside of the taped bead tip (instead of the usual little dab), then hold the tip in place for a moment or two until the glue sets. If you are impatient, you can secure the bead with masking tape until the glue sets (instead of holding the bead and waiting...). 

I've made you a fun gift box to go with the washi beads. Clock how the box resembles stacked rolls of washi tape! :) The contents of the box are up to you. Fill it with a completed necklace or with a kit consisting of beads plus a length of waxed cotton bead cord. (You need 12-15 beads to make a necklace.)

Here are your files:


For a refresher course in paper bead making, check out my Paper Bead Masterclass. 


  1. Another lovely idea and design Susan

  2. A very neat idea! I like to make paper beads, but haven't seen them made adding the Washi Tape...I will definitely be giving this a try! They look awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I get an Error 404 every time I try to load the templates!