Thursday, 14 August 2014


Here's a simple back-to-school printable that's handy all year round. Choose from three styles of memo pad: joined at the top, joined at the side, or interlocking tabs. Print out as many memo pages as you want, make up the pad, then accessorize with a cigar band presentation wrap and paper paperclips!

The paper paperclips in a gift presentation/storage matchbox makes a fun project on its own. Cut the clips out of heavier-weight paper than the matchbox. I used American Crafts cardstock for the clips.

Here are your printables:


Everything's a cinch to make, so no proper how-tos, just some tips and breezy notes!

* I like to print the Memo pages on yellow paper for a "legal pad" look.

* The Tab-top version pages interlock, like when you interlace your fingers to ponder something. For tabby memos of more than two pages, stack like-tabbed pages together before interlocking.

* PaperClips: cut matchbox out of 90gsm paper, cut clips out of cardstock. The clips look great in metallic card!

* Memos: make the page holes with a hand-held circle paper punch (I used 1/16" size). You can join the pages with craft thread bows or mini-brads. Cut 25cm (10in) of craft thread for each bow.

That's about it. Have fun making your memos and clips. You don't have to go paperless in a digital world!