Sunday, 8 March 2015

Folk Art Egg Cupcake Wraps

This week I'll be posting a batch of coordinating party makes inspired by folk art Psanky eggs - those intricately-decorated eggs made in the Ukraine and Poland using a batik method. (Please note that these papercrafts are just "inspired by" and not actual trad designs.)

I've got cupcake wraps for you today - two different styles. 

Here are your free printables:


There is no instructioning required for this project - simply print and cut. Prime the wrap to make the paper curve gently, then insert the tab in the slot to make a ring. Pop in the cupcake.
Stay tuned for lots more party papercrafts: an easy-make container that can be constructed as a basket or as a gift box, a pennant-style bunting, and gift bags.


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