Sunday, 29 March 2015

Needle'n'Thread Caddy

Today's printable papercraft is quick, easy, and very giftable: a mini sewing kit. You just need the printable, a reel of sewing cotton, a piece of ribbon (for a necklace-style caddy), and a few sewing needles.

If you think that these Needle'n'Thread Caddies look familiar, your déja
vu has an explanation. The caddies are miniaturized versions of my Washi Tape Storage Box.  (A case of thinking about the box...)

The Needle'n'Thread Caddy comes in a choice of colourways - ditsy floral prints, all with colour-coordinated faux rick rack trim.

Here are your free printables:


Needle'n'Thead Caddy

To Make:
1 Above, the caddy cut out and prepped. The fold lines have been scored, the reinforcements glued in place, and d/s tape has been applied to the tabs.

2 Pic above: flip side of the case, showing placement of d/s tape strips.
3 Assemble the box, gluing side liners inside. The lid tucks in to close.
Attach the base of the needle holder to the base of the box.
4 Pop in the spool of thread. For a necklace-style holder, thread a piece of ribbon through the spool - you may need a bodkin to do this. Alternatively, for a free-standing spool holder, cut down a piece of a cake pop or lollipop stick and slip it through the cotton reel. Secure the ends with paper beads.

Note: Obviously, not a project for young kids.

This project would be great as a fete-make, or as a favour for a sewing group meeting.

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