Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Keyring Storage Pockets

It's a "wedge-velope".

Here's a handy way to store small craft items - sewing supplies, brads, whatnots - a keyring stash. Each tag-like pocket is a "wedge-velope". You can add storage as needed. 

Here's your free printable project:

As you can see from the pic above, I've left it up to you to fill in the contents labels.

Keyring Storage Pockets

In addition to the printable pockets, you also need a some craft thread, mini-brads, and  a 2in book ring.

1 Print out as many pockets as you need. Score the folds and cut out all the pieces.
2 Glue a reinforcements around the holes on the tags and the envelope backs.
3 For sturdy brad mats, glue two back-to back.
4 Important!: insert the brad mat and brad in the wedg-velope front before assembling the pocket. You can also insert the brad mat and brad in the pocket flap.
5 Crease the wedge-velope body folds. Glue the label tag inside the back flap, with edges aligned (you can also use d/s tape).
6 Glue or tape the pocket flap just below the label space.
7 Stick down the wedge-velope sides.
8 Tie a piece of craft thread onto the top brad.
9 Make as many wedge-velopes as you need. Thread them onto a book ring.

Note: alternatively, you can thread the wedge-velopes onto a beaded keychain or a length of ribbon.

  Makes a lovely gift for a sewing friend, especially if the stash is included!

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