Monday, 6 April 2015

Hex Hatch Patchwork Box

More papercraft sewing accessories! A fabric patchwork sewing stash box inspired me to make this printable project. I am always keen on hexagons, plus I was fascinated by the offbeat hatch-in-the-lid opening. Of course, you can use these boxes to store any small bits and pieces – stationery items, craft items. The boxes are fun to make and very giftable.

The box is an unusual shape - consequently, constructing it is a papercraft adventure of a very do-able nature. To make it, the hexagons are joined in a railway track-style strip, joined to make a ring, then the top sections are folded down. Lid and base are then added. More specific how-tos follow in the post.

Here are your free printables (instructions follow). Choice of three colourways!:

Hex Hatch Patch Box

1 Cut out the pieces. Score the folds. Crease the folds.
2 Join little tab to make a continuous strip of six hexagons. Join little tab to make a ring.
3 Join adjacent sides.
4 On the top of the box, fold under and stick down the tabs around the top opening.
5 On the bottom of the box, glue the base hexagon in place. Glue the base liner inside the
box, over the base, for a tidy appearance.
6 Insert a brad centre front of lid piece. Fold under five of the six lid tabs, leaving the tab opposite the brad unfolded. Glue the lid liner underneath the lid top.
7 Glue the lid tab under a hatch opening edge on the box top. Insert a brad on the box top, to correspond with the lid brad. Tie a piece of craft thread onto the lid brad. Wrap the thread around the brads to close the box. 

Enjoy your Hex Hatch Patch Box! Make a batch and stack your stash!