Saturday, 18 April 2015

Mug Hug Pockets

Do you keep a pencil mug on your desktop? Time for a fun makeover! These Mug Hug Pockets enhance the storage capability of the mug - and the waterfall-style pockets are so very pretty. Highly giftable - for Mother's Day (US) or National Stationery Week (27 April - 3 May).

I have to say, I am not a huge fan of ordinary knitted or crocheted mug hugs - they are not functional enough to justify their existence. Papercraft mug hugs, with pockets - now that's a different matter.

The Mug hugs are quick and easy to make. How-tos follow for your free


Mug Hug Pockets

The Mug Hug Pockets fit a standard mug, 8cm (3-1/8in)-diameter.

1 Print and cut out one Mug Hug backing wrap and five pockets. You can make the pockets all the same colour, or alternate the colours. Cut the backing wrap out of 160gsm photocopier card. Cut the pockets out of 90 - 120 gsm cartridge paper (construction paper).

2 Score and crease all the fold lines. Use a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. Use a bone folder to make nice crisp folds. The colour blocks of the design help to indicate the fold lines. Tip: for easy pocket positioning, score and fold the lines on the mug backing wrap that indicate the divisions.

3 Glue reinforcements over the holes on the tabs, on both the front and flip side of the Mug Hug backing wrap.

4 Accordion the pocket sides. Glue (or tape) the side flap onto the outer back of the pocket. Next, fold up the bottom flap and glue it onto the back. Smooth all the creases with a bone folder. Use either tacky PVA glue or d/s tape. Make up all five pockets. 

5 Glue (or tape) the pockets onto the Mug Hug backing wrap, aligning each pocket with a colour block area. It may help to fold the adjacent wrap area under as you glue each pocket. 

Here's a pic of the assembled Mug Hug Pockets:

7 Your Mug Hug Pockets are now complete. Time to "dress" the mug:
wrap the pockets around the mug, with tab ends under the mug handle. Thread a 60cm (24in) length of 6mm(1/4in)-wide ribbon in a tapestry needle and lace it through the holes, criss-cross style. Tie the ribbon tails in a bow.
What will you store in your Mug Hug Pockets?