Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Desktop Pencil Tidy

Do you go rooting around looking for writing implements of a pencil-y nature? Park your pencils in this papercraft pencil tidy. The tidy consists of a base and a sling - so it is more or less a Pencil Hammock. Clock the pencil shavings hammock print!

This project is in celebration of #NationalStationeryWeek. (Thursday is Tidy Desk Day!)

Here are your free printables:

Pencil TidyBlue1of2.svg 



Desktop Pencil Tidy

1 Score all the fold lines with a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. Score the pieces before cutting them out. Cut out, and crease the folds.

2 Glue the side panels onto the pencil tidy base, right sides together. The rectangular ends belong inside the base of the tidy.

3 Stick on the base liner.

4 Attach the sides: fold up the side panels and attach the tabs to adjacent tidy sides. Next, fold the top of the side panels to the inside.

5 Next fold the sides of the tidy to the inside. Important: you must glue above and below the slot (use PVA tacky glue or d/s tape).

6 Time to attach the sling. Shape the sling into a valley curve before attaching it. Attaching the sling is a little bit tricky because the sling is wrapped around the bar above the slot. The sling ends hook around each slot. Just tack your time and apply glue to the underlap as well as the bits on the outside of the bar. Finished!

P.S. It is OK to stash your ballpoints and felt-tips in the pencil tidy, too! 

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