Friday, 18 March 2016

Flower Basket Storage Bunting

I am very big on storage buntings - a festive way to use unused wall space. An excellent idea for your craft corner. These flowery gondolas are a pillow box variation. They are fun and easy to make.

Here are your free designs, cut-by-hand .pdf or digi-cut for Silhouette:


To make up:
1 Print the template.
2 Using a fine-point embossing tool, emboss all the fold lines on the gondola - taking special care on the curved base folds. Butt the tool against a small metal ruler for the straight lines.
3 Cut out the template pieces by hand or machine.
4 Carefully crease all the folds, paying special attention to the curved base folds.
5 Stick the short side tabs onto the base, and the side folds onto the side panels. (Use tacky PVA glue or d/s tapel)
6 Glue a side liner inside each side - apply tacky PVA glue sparingly, evenly with a cocktail stick.  
7 Glue reinforcements onto the front and back of the side panel holes.
8 Pop in the base liner - a little bit of d/s tape is all you need.
9 Make as many gondolas as you required. String them onto baker's twine.

You can also use a single gondola as a solo hanging basket. 

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