Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hexagonal Basket in a Bag

Today's project would be fun as a do-together parent/child activity. It is a kit for a hexagonal basket... in a bag. I have given you a choice of two flat-pack basket styles - slider panels or bow-tied. The basket-link handle is attached to the basket base with two teeny brads - so no under-threes!

Here are your freebie papermakes, .pdf (by hand) or digi-cut (Silhouette):



Hexagonal Basket in a Bag

This is a fun and easy project - not rocket science, so I'll just talk you through some of the finer points. The baskets are put into the bag partially assembled. For the slider style, the side units are pre-folded with the channels made. For the bow-tied style, the reinforcements are glued on to the back of the holes.The bow-tied basket base is pieced... simply so it can fit into the bag. For the bow-tied basket, you need six 20cm (8in) pieces of narrow ribbon.

Here are some visual how-tos, to get you up to speed:
Assembly for the slider-style basket.
Assembly for the bow-tied basket. Tie the adjacent corners.
Same linked handle for both basket styles.
Linked handle: it takes about 12 links to make a handle - alternate the colours. Fold all the links in half, crosswise. The first link is the starter link - with the slot. Squeeze the next link in half lengthwise and insert it through the slot (both layers). Then twist the link back to the crosswise fold. Join all the links in the same way. The final (blue) link has no slot in it - just a brad hole. Join the handle to the basket with brads. You may have to carefully pierce the hole through the middle layer in order to insert the brad.

Have fun making your flat-pack baskets. I hope they are accompanied by chocolate treats. :)

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