Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Milk Carton Printer's Tray Tutorial

I've got a thing for milk cartons  - and for printer's trays. So, I thought - why not combine the two to make a fun hybrid container? The handles of this papercrafted tray have trademark milk carton apexes.
The little compartments are ideal for storing buttons, brads, paperclips, what have you.

Here are your free files, pdf for hand-cut, or Silhouette for digi-cut:
MilkCartonTray Handles.pdf 


Milk Carton Printer's Tray

Step-by-step how-to photos follow. I used 160gsm photocopier card. The smaller size is 80% of the size given. You may have to tweak the size of the compartments by a degree or so to get a good fit, depending on your paper choice.

Have fun making your Milk Carton Printer's Trays!


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