Sunday, 3 April 2016

Butterfly Box

Today's project is pillow box with two compartments. This butterfly box makes a great party favour - a different treat in each half!

Here's your free printable papercraft (.pdf):
Butterfly Box

1 Cut out the pattern pieces. 90gsm paper or lightweight card works best. The paper needs to be flexible so the box puffs up smoothly.
2 Score the fold lines with a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. Fold the creases, taking care to shape the curved folds.
3 Glue the strip on to the centre back of the box front. Use tacky PVA glue applied with a cocktail stick.
4 Glue a centre wing flap onto either side of the front piece centre spine. Next, glue the angled flaps. Let dry.
5 Puff up the box and fill it. 
6 Tie a narrow ribbon box around the box centre. Situate long bow loops at the box top to look like antennae.

Enjoy making your butterfly pillow box!


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