Friday, 8 April 2016

Paper + Tape: Craft & Create, by Marisa Edghill. Review.

Paper + Tape: Craft & Create

Cut, Tape, and Fold your way through more than 75 creative & colourful

papercraft projects & ideas

By Marisa Edghill

Walter Foster 2016

Paperback £12.99 UK/$19.99 US/$23.95 CAN

ISBN 978-1-63322-048-5

Star rating: ****

Papercrafters love washi tape. That’s a given. But what to do with the washi stash? All suggestions welcome. This new title by Marisa Edghill has plenty of fresh – yet simple – ideas for washi-wonderful creations.

Many washi-craft titles limit themselves to using stuck-on snippets of washi as decorative elements – an all-too-obvious and unimaginative use. This title even includes projects that use washi tape as a functional connective element (pleated doily bows, Paper Pyramid Pouches). Wow.

The author is especially good on generating decorative patterns using washi tape. The Vintage Flower Design teacup is a cinch – and delightful. The concept is to recreate the vibe of handpainted pottery using washi tape. Modern Geometric Mosaics and the Fruit Salad Stickers are winners.

Yes, you’ve seen the paper beads before – but they are well-executed and deserve inclusion. The Papercut Bouquet idea is good – using an engineered washi tape underlay with a papercut topper. Shooting Stars – pleated paper star-topped tassels – nice dimensional project – fun to fold.

Self-adhesive sheets of washi paper are now available for crafting. It would have been nice to include a project or two using this new creative material on its own or in combination with conventional washi tape strips. Also – the eraser stamp project looks like it belongs, but doesn’t quite tie in with the washi theme.

The book would make a fab gift for a child’s half-term break.

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