Friday, 15 April 2016

Bandana Keyring Pockets

Bandanas are a hot fashion item this spring - fine by me - I've always been fond of the paisley/mixed print thing. So - here's a handy dandy little project in a bandana print. Mini pockets that can be stored on a ring. (I've called them keyring pockets, but that is actually a book ring...)

Clock the motif on the pocket back. 

Here's your Friday Freebie project:
Bandana Keyring Pockets

1 Cut out the components and score the folds with a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. Take special care scoring the curves folds at the base. If cutting by hand, you will have to pierce holes for the brads.

2 Crease all the folds.

3 Glue a reinforcement around the pocket back hole and the other one around the pocket front flap. Glue the brad mats back-to back.

4 Glue the top of the pocket flap on to the top of the wrong side of the pocket back, edges aligned. Use tacky PVA glue applied with a cocktail stick.

5 Thread a brad through a brad mat and insert it through the hole in the pocket front. 

6 Glue the front flap to the side edge of the back, aligning edges.

7 Thread a brad through the remaining brad mat and tie on a piece of craft thread behind it. Fasten to the top flap.

8 The pocket is now finished. Pop the pillow box closure at the base.

9 Make as many pockets as desired and thread on to a book ring. I always think and odd number is more pleasing.

 What will you store in yours? Brads, buttons, whatnots....