Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hygge Oat Pot Greeting

The holiday season is upon us - and we could all use a smile-inducing treat, the sooner the better - say, for breakfast. Also, the festive coffees are in the shops, so I am taking my cue. My papercraft project is a hygge-themed oat pot cover. Hygge - in case you have been living under a rock - is the buzz word of the season, the Danish word for cosy, homelike goodness - something we all need more than ever. So - I have decorated the oat pot cover with Scandi-inspired folk art motifs - and a warm and cosy greeting.

Feel the warmth of the oat pot as you gaze at the smile-inducing greeting! :) 

Here is your free hygge oat pot cover:

Attach the cover with a strip of double-sided tape on the coloured underlap. Stick on the lid with a few snippets of d/s tape - it camouflages the foil oat pot lid.
You can also use this project to recycle oat pots as gift containers. I have included a gift tag. (You will have to glue the lid on to the rim of the pot.)
Hope you have a hygge holiday season!

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