Friday, 18 November 2016

Snowflowers Mug Hug

This project is ideal for gifting! It makes a lovely presentation and has a life beyond giving - as a desktop storage container. The Snowflower Mug Hug (look closely at the snowflakes!) has five pockets, plus, inside - a square box and a milk carton. There's also a gift tag.

This project is fun to make and give. The mug hug consists of a base (to wrap around the mug), the pockets, a milk carton, mini-box, and gift tag. Fits an 8cm (3-1/4in)-diameter mug.

Here are your free designs (pdf or Silhouette Studio): 




Snowflowers Mug Hug

Here's how to pimp your mug :)!

1 Print and cut out all the pieces. You need five pockets for the mug "apron" - two of one design, three of the other. 

2 Score the fold lines on the pockets and boxes.

3 To assemble the "apron" - glue the reinforcements on to the holes in the base. To assemble each pocket, fold the creases, accordion sides. The tabs go on the outside of each pocket. Make five pockets, two of one design, three of the other. Stick a pocket onto each compartment marked on the mug hug base - I use stripe of d/s tape. Alternate the designs. The "apron" is now finished. Tie it on to the mug at the handle. Wrap the apron around the mug, thread ribbon through the holes - lace an 'X', tie a bow. You must tie the apron on to the mug in place - you can't lace it first (d'oh) :)

4 The milk carton and mini-box are basic box assembly. Fold and stick the side tabs.

Note: mugs may vary in size - you may have to tweak the sizes of the templates by enlarging or reducing a smidge.

Enjoy crafting for the festive season! Give a mug a hug:

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