Monday, 21 November 2016

Toast Rack Card Racks 2016

Continuing on the hygge theme, here are this year's toast rack card racks. Looks like they have been influence by two things in the news - the hygge trend... and Toblerones! These card racks are handy for storing greetings cards, especially if you get too many to display them all - some people prefer to browse.

As always, I was also influenced by Christopher Dresser, the Victorian industrial designer. Toast racks? He had a million of them (all genius):
Here are your free toast racks:



As you can see, there's one card rack body and a choice of two side panels.

Toast Rack Card Rack 2016

1 Print and cut the templates by hand or Silhouette machine. (By hand: you will have to use a craft knife, against a metal ruler, over a mat to cut the slots - take care.)

2 Score the folds at base of body and around side edges. Crease the folds.

3 Use double/sided tape to assemble the card rack. First, stick the side panel bases onto the base of the card rack body. Then, work around the side units, joining them to the card rack body. Finally, seal the join at the base of the card rack body.

4 Gently shape the rack body into the "organic triangle" shape.

Good to go! Have happy, hygge holidays!

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