Monday, 7 August 2017

Lidded Bucket Storage Bunting

I adore storage buntings - they magic storage space from unused wall space in a pleasingly decorative manner! :) The storage bunting features lidded buckets. The buckets are flat-backed, so they sit flush against the wall. The loafer-type tassel weights the lid down.

Here are your freebie design files:


To Make Up

1 Print the design on to photocopier card, 160gsm.

2 Score the folds with an embossing tool held against a metal ruler. Crease the folds, setting with a bone folder. Note: the hanging loop folds are a soft fold, not to be creased.

3 Cut out.

4 Glue the reinforcement under the lid.

5 Fold the hanging loop band down and glue it onto the wrong side of the printed bucket, matching bottom edges (PVA tacky glue).

6 Prime the bucket front, curving the paper. Glue the flap on to the bucket side back. Fold up the base and glue the tabs inside. Place the base on a table top as you glue the tabs.

7 Tassel: fold the top tab in half and glue it. Fold the tab in half again, shaping a hanging loop. Glue the coloured margin at the base. Wind the fringe tightly around the loop, gluing the end of the spiral. Tassel is now complete.

8 Glue the bucket lid band in place, at base of hanging loops. Tie a tassel on to each bucket lid, with baker's twine.

9 String the buckets on to a piece of ribbon, alternating colours.

Have fun making this papercraft storage idea.