Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Art of Folding, Vol. 2, by Trebbi, Genevaux, & Bounovre. Review.

Design without Boundaries
New trends, techniques and materials
By Jean-Charles Trebbi, Chloé Genevaux, Guillaume Bounovre
Promopress, April 2017
Hardcover, £27.99

Star rating: *****

Welcome to the folds! This title, written by and for design pros, has awesome design clout and appeal for all. It is a (folded) box of delights. Folding innovation is very cutting-edge in the design industry :) – only recently there was a NASA callout for clever ways to fold a satellite! The power of origami has been given its due and is a massive current design influence. The scope of this wonderful, highly–illustrated book is pan-craft and global. It is a follow-up to a previous volume (The Art of Folding, Vol. 1), but stands alone on the strength of its content. 

The Chapters are Art, Decor and Scenery, Fashion, Furniture and Lighting, Architecture, and Innovation. Each section showcases the work of innovative designers, who discuss their influences and impart know-how. At the back of the book, there are several models for you to fold, including an origami-folded letter and a snail-like self-closing box.

There is something for every folding fan :D - do you like the lighting in Scandi noir thrillers?, Fortuny –style fabric pleats, sculptural origami, clever flat-pack furniture, trendy pleated-paper Christmas ornaments? Angular pleats or graceful curves? It is all here. And there are genius innovations – like the Christope Guberan’s Hydro-Fold Wet Folding machine, a printer-like machine that moistens folds to enable easy pleating.

 If you are fascinated by folding, this wow-factor title is for you. 

Note: I was provided with a .pdf file of this title.